Victor  Harbor  Riding  Club  Inc.,      

                                    The Family Friendly Club 

Club Rules

1. Riders whilst mounted, without exception, must at all times wear safety helmets approved Australian Safety Standard  and appropriate, purpose made smooth soled riding boots.
2. Tack to be safe and suitable to comply with safety control regulations and to suit the ability of the riders and instructors concerned.
3. Mounts to be deemed suitable and sound by instructors for safety of all riders & horses
4. Large red ribbon must be placed on tail of kicking horses,  Rider must inform instructor.
5. Any rider who cannot fully control their horse is to be led by an adult at all times
6. All riders/handlers must be able to control their horse in a suitable manner so as not to endanger themselves and other horses and riders.
7. All Causal Riders 18years or older and parents or guardians of riders under 18 years must completre and sign a Casual Rider Release and Waiver form before riding at each Rally and Event held by the Club.  Failure to do so will mean the rider will be unable to ride
8. All riders under the age of 16years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or appointed supervisor to ride at rallies and events held by the club.  Failure to do so will mean the rider will be unable to ride.
9. Riders must be full financial members and have attended 3 rallies on the same horse to qualify for the End of Year Gymkhana.
10. No cantering on the Grounds unless under supervision.  Walking at all times around car parks.  No riding behind the club rooms.
11. No horse to be ridden in adjacent sports grounds at any time.

12. Horses and ponies are not to be tied to fences, yards are available for this purpose.
13. All children to be supervised by a parent at all times when in vicinity of horses and on club grounds.
14. Dogs MUST BE on a LEAD at ALL TIMES

15. Gates to be closed at all times
16. Grounds may only be used between rallies at the committee's discretion
17. If the temperature the night before a rally is predicted to be 35 c or higher at Victor Harbor the rally will be cancelled.  Please phone President/Secretary to confirm/queries.
18. All horse manure / hay to be picked up and put in bags or taken home
19. Horses or Ponies must not be tied to a horse float if the float is not securely attached to the stationary, parked towing vehicle.  Yards are available for this purpose.
20. Horses, animals, structures and terrain can be dangerous and can cause injury.             Members of the public must take care at all times.
21.Stallions are not permitted at Club Rallies or Events unless stated otherwise.
22. A well fitted bridle with an approved bit is required.   Bit-less bridles & hackamore's are not permitted.
23. Club members,Casual riders & Event riders will be held responsible for the behaviour of their visitors.
24. Drinking of Alcohol or the administration/consumption of mind altering drugs prohibited by law before, during  horse sport activity is prohibited.
25. Victor Harbor Riding Club Inc., is a "smoke free" environment

Victor Harbor Riding Club Inc., encourages all members to join Equestrian South Australia or Show Horse Council S.A. as an individual member to ensure adequate 24/7 personal accident insurance cover whilst riding.  Please refer to Equestrian S.A. or Show Horse Council S.A. website to view and consider available membership options.

Victor Harbor Riding Club Inc., through its affiliation with Equestrian S.A.& their insurer Gow Gates, provides members with Public Liability Insurance & NOT Personal Accident Cover.

All members should take out Private Health, Ambulance, Life and Income protection Insurance in accordance with their own individual needs. 

Victor Harbor Riding Club Inc., accepts no responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to any person, horse or property.